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Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum

Jessie has just been transplanted from Chicago to LA where she has moved into a mansion, complete with a house manager (that’s a thing?), a bathroom with fancy soap she is afraid to use, and a new stepmother and stepbrother she didn’t actually meet until they were all supposed to be one big happy family. Although Jessie is far from happy. She’s still reeling from her mother’s death two years ago (she can tell you how long it’s been in days), her stepbrother Theo won’t even drive with her to school, and her best (and currently only) friend is hundreds of miles away. Then she gets an email (because you can be anonymous) from Somebody Nobody (SN), and while he never tells her his name he does offer her some insider advice about Wood Valley High School and offer to chat if she needs to, which she ultimately gives into after one too many unpleasant encounters. As Jessie and SN develop a real friendship (as real as a friendship can be when one has no idea who the other is) Jessie wants to meet her friend in real life, but can their friendship (and maybe more) work in person as well as it does typed out?

Tell Me Three Things is a sweet and heartfelt book about friendship, family, romance, and grief. While there’s a good chance readers will guess who SN is long before Jessie the predictability doesn’t make it less satisfying.

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