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Falling Over Sideways by Jordan Sonnenblick

Claire’s eighth grade year is off to a rough start. Her two best friends have been moved up to the high school dance classes without her, in band Ryder won’t stop giving her a hard time about beating her out for first chair (which she didn’t even want in the first place), the mean girl in class starts off the year by mocking (in that way where the words are a compliment, but the tone definitely isn’t), and all her teachers (and sometimes her parents) compare her to her over achieving older brother.  Then Claire’s father has a stroke and her entire world shifts.

Claire’s narration of Falling Over Sideways makes for an insightful story, that had me alternating between fighting back tears and laughing out loud, about friends, family, trying to survive junior high, and getting through the worst, one day at a time.


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