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Release by Patrick Ness

Release by Patrick Ness is a day in the life of Adam, a pretty explosive day in the life of Adam. Adam’s world appears to becoming undone. Today is his ex-boyfriend’s going away party. His ex-boyfriend who he may still be in love with. Except then there’s Linus, his current boyfriend who cares about him and treats him well and who loves (probably). Not to mention his parents, who he is trying to keep in the dark about being gay, let alone having had 2 boyfriends and no longer being a virgin. Although today, his perfect older brother has told their minister parents that he got a girl pregnant at school. And this is all before he heads to work (where his day does not get better). But maybe things are becoming undone enough for Adam to start figuring out how to let go and start being who he wants and needs to be.

Interwoven into Adam’s story is the story of a Queen from another world entering the body of a recently dead girl, threatening to bring the world to an end.

I really enjoyed Adam’s parts of the book, but (while very well written) I could have done without the magical realism interludes of the Queen and her subject/faun. For me they didn’t connect enough to add real meaning or depth.


*Release was read as an advanced reader copy and will not be available until September.

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