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These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly

Jo Montfort has dreams of being the next Nellie Bly, but being a proper society girl in 19th century New York means she’s supposed to get married to an eligible gentleman (most likely her good friend Bram) and spend her days attending social functions and remaining sheltered from the outside world. But then her father dies unexpectedly (and as it turns out under mysterious circumstances) and she’s thrown into a New York she barely recognizes. Along the way she meets an up and coming reporter, Eddie, and a doctor who currently works at the morgue (but has dreams of becoming a forensic pathologist, which isn’t really a job yet), Oscar.

As she delves deeper into what’s behind her father’s death, Jo begins to question everything she has been brought up to believe, including what the future holds for her.

A fun, page-turning, historical mystery. While at times it proved slightly predictable, I found These Shallow Graves to be thoroughly enjoyable and have added a few of Donnelly‘s other books to my to-read list.

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