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My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows

Lady Jane Grey was Queen of England for 9 days, after her cousin Edward died. She then lost her throne, and her head, and Mary became the Queen (followed not long after by her sister Elizabeth I). This is a story that is left out of your history books (with good reason as most of it is out right made up).

As Edward is pronounced to be near his death bed his trusted adviser, Lord Dudley, urges him to make Jane Grey’s male heirs next in line to the throne and then suggested Jane marry his son Gifford (quite convenient). Edward, thinking highly of Jane (she’s one of his best friends, although she is still a girl so it should of course be her male children that get the run of the country) agrees. The only slight hiccup in the plan is that Gifford spends his days as a horse (and neither he nor Jane are really keen on marriage).  But after Jane and Gifford (who likes to be called G) are married (and working on coming to terms with it), Edward discovers he may not be dying of natural causes.

Full of adventure, political intrigue, and hilarity My Lady Jane is a fun book to get lost in (and will teach you absolutely nothing about actual history).


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