Fiction, Mystery

The Mystery of Hollow Places by Rebecca Podos

On the surface The Mystery of Hollow Places is the story of Imogene working to solve the mystery of her dad’s disappearance and bring him back home to her (and  her step-mother Lindy). Imogene is convinced her father (a mystery writer who was once a morgue doctor) is searching for her mother (who left when she was 2) based on a clue he left behind. She reluctantly enlists the help of her best-friend Jessa, along with Jessa’s older brother (who Imogene has had a crush on for years). While ostensibly the search is to find her father, Imogene is also hoping to find her long lost mother in the process.

Podos has written a work that is more than just a mystery, it is an examination of relationships, with friends and family (both the family you’re related to by blood and the family you create), and self. It’s a book that keeps the reader intrigued because of the characters within the story, not just to figure out the mystery at the end.

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