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Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway

While this book is part the lighthearted romance that the cover makes it out to be, that’s not the whole story.

Emmy &  Oliver grew up next door to each other, but when they’re eight Oliver is picked up from school by his father and never comes back. Ten years later and Oliver’s disappearance has left its mark on Emmy’s town and group of friends; her parents have kept her on lock down (not even wanting her to go away for college) and reporters are a semi normal occurrence. Then Oliver is found and moves back into the room across from Emmy’s.

For a book that involves a kidnapping it is a bit light (and the romance that ensues is far from a surprise), but there is a sweet realness to the story. Emmy’s relationship with her friends, Drew and Caro, is well imagined (and their dialogue is great), her complicated relationship with her parents, who she loves even as they drive her crazy, and Oliver’s infinitely more complicated relationship with his parents.

This was a book where I just wanted to hang out with the characters after it was over and would enjoy reading snippets of them getting together over a cup of coffee years down the road.

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