Award Winners, Fiction, Mystery

Fake I.D. by Giles Lamar

Nick Pearson, isn’t really Nick Pearson. Having lived for years under the witness protection program – due to his father turning on the crime boss he once worked for – Nick is used to lying about who he is and keeping everyone at arms length. When he moves to Stepton, Virginia (for their last relocation chance, since his father can’t seem to resist falling back on old habits to make money) he expects more of the same, but he is quickly drawn in by Reya Cruz and her reporter brother Eli. When Eli winds up dead, of an apparent suicide (after implying that there is something sinister going on in the town of Stepton), Reya is convinced Eli was murdered and turns to Nick for help. Now he has to decide between staying safe and under the radar or delving into the mysterious death of the first person he’s considered a friend in years, possibly putting his family at risk for a similar fate.

A fast-paced mystery tinged with conspiracies, late night shady dealings, and a mafia assassin godfather (not the godfather, just Nick’s godfather). Some of the side characters came off a bit flimsy and I could have done without the romance on the side;  overall though Fake ID keeps you on your toes and turning the pages!

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