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Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin

Wolf by Wolf is an alternative history set in Europe (partially) in 1956. What if the Third Reich and Imperial Japan won World War II? What if the medical experiments performed on prisoners in death camps produced something almost supernatural?

Yael is a former death camp prisoner. She was the doctor’s pet project. She was prodded, injected, and experimented on. But in the end all the pain gave her the ability to change her face and helped her escape. Now she’s a part of the resistance.

Every year the Third Reich and Japan host the Axis Tour: a cross continental motorcycle race, where anything goes (more or less). Last year, Adele Wolfe, the first girl to ever race it, won, and got herself a dance with the reclusive Hitler. This year Yael has been tasked with impersonating Adele and winning the race.

What started out as a fairly straight forward resistance mission becomes complicated when Adele’s twin inserts himself into the race and Luka (a previous winner) keeps alluding to what happened between them last year.

A book of heartbreak, high stakes, betrayal and ruthless ambition. Will Yael succeed in her mission? And if she does, what happens next?

I can’t wait to find out in the conclusion, Blood for Blood.

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