Award Winners, Fiction, LGBTQ, Realistic

The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed

Grace is new in Prescott and plans to stay under the radar, but when she discovers the former occupant of her room, Lucy, was run out of town after accusing several (popular) boys at school of rape she’s finding it hard to stay quiet.

Rosina and Erin are the token freaks of school. Rosina is bogged down by responsibilities and expectations from her family and dealing with her crush on a cute cheerleader. Erin has Asperger’s  and is trying to compartmentalize her own past traumatic events.

When Grace decides to sit at Erin and Rosina’s table at lunch (possibly deciding her fate in the social hierarchy) she learns more about Lucy and the town’s response. Unable to contain her anger the three of them decide to fight back and form The Nowhere Girls. To their surprise the group actually gets a following and makes a splash in the current of Prescott High. But as things get heated how far are they willing to go to stand up for what is right?

A great read about feminism, finding your own voice, and being more powerful together.

If you like this you may also enjoy Jennifer Mathieu’s Moxie or Mindy McGinnis’s Female of the Species.

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