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As we await the next chapter of the ‘Folk Of The Air’ series…


We were entranced by Jude’s story following ‘The Cruel Prince’, we were caught up in her attempts into Knighthood, and a place within the High Court of Faerie, and were shocked at the scandalous choices, and disastrous attempts that were done for the crown.

As we endure the drawn out release for book 2, ‘The Wicked King‘ (release date 1/8/19), and the brand new e-novella ‘The Lost Sister‘ (release date 10/2/18) companion novel to The Cruel Prince, Taryn’s side of the story and the secrets she’s been hiding in turn with Jude’s.
Here’s some potential back-ups to help rebel against evil kingdoms and keep your family safe.

Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian
YA Fiction Sebastian, L
Theodosia was only a child when her world fell apart. Her mother, the Fire Queen, murdered, her people enslaved, and the Kaiser, the man who did it all, forcing her to play as a pawn to quell rebellion. But when forced to murder one of her own, a fire is re-lit in her and she must do more than just survive. For what started as an invasion, will end in a war.

Heart of Thorns by Bree Barton
YA Fantasy Barton, B
Women are scrutinized for a magic they might have, feared that they may turn into Gwyrachs, demons who can control life with their dark magic. Mia Rose, trained to be a huntress to kill the very things that killed her mother, will need to come to terms with her beliefs and with her heart.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
YA Fantasy Aveyard, V
In a kingdom where blood tells you your place; Reds, the common poor blood, serve under the Silvers, privileged elite with special abilities. When Mare, a poor Red, does a job serving the Silvers at an event, she accidentally gets a jump-start to her all too secret abilities.

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah Maas
YA Fantasy Maas, S
Feyre assembled herself to be strong from a young age; to support her family as she had promised to her dying mother. Her intent driving her into action until her consequences catch up with her as she hunts the wrong wolf. Retribution demands she be dragged to the Fae Realm  to live as prisoner; a life for a life. Will her strength be her support, or will it break under her?

Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young
YA Fantasy Young, A
Clans Riki and Aska have had a centuries long rivalry between themselves. Raised to be warriors, to fight and to die amongst their Aska clansmen is the belief Eelyn has grown up with, until she sees her brother, thought dead, fighting alongside the Riki. Everything Eelyn has fought for, believed, and loved is inverted and she’s not sure what’s she’s been fighting for anymore.

Defy by Sara B. Larson
YA Fiction Larson, S
Alexa, currently Alex now that she’s joined an all male army, has been training her mind and her skills to become a member of the royal guard to protect Prince Damian, ever since an evil sorcerer murdered her parents. But things take a sharp turn when a powerful wizard abducts her, the Prince, and fellow guard and friend Rylan.

Fire by Kristin Cashore
YA Fiction Cashore, K
Fire has always tried to avoid using her powers for evil, especially after her father’s misuse, and being one of the last human-shaped monsters is enough to drag her reputation through the mud. But when the King and Prince of the Kingdom ask her to assist in routing out traitors with her powers, she knows she needs to step up to protect her kingdom from onslaught of traitors and neighboring militia.

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