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Too many times in life we stop and ask ourselves; ‘Am I really good enough to do this?’ ‘Should I have earned this?’ ‘What will people think of me?’ And once the questions start, they don’t easily stop. But you need to remember: YOU earned it, YOU were chosen, YOU are appreciated, and this is YOUR life-not theirs.

Here’s some featured stories regarding Acceptance; accepting who you are, accepting your life choices, accepting things may not go your way right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change them, accepting that everyone has bad days that will get better, but you are not the cause of anyone’s bad day.

The Prince and the Dressmaker
YA Fiction Wang, J

How far would you go to keep a secret? Would you keep your identity a secret to help a friend? For young Frances, this is her struggle. As  royal seamstress to the Prince, Frances designs  both suits for Sebastian and dresses for Lady Crystallia, Paris’ hottest fashion icon. But when her dream of becoming a well-known seamstress  is threatened, Frances must either choose her dreams, or her friend.

We Are Okay
YA Fiction LaCour, N

What is family? Is it what you’re given, or what you create?
For Marin, family is what she ’s been losing since she was younger, one more was her last straw. Running away to college in New York and leaving everything behind in not so happy San Francisco. But Marin’s old life won’t leave her alone, and over Winter Break Marin awaits a visit from her best friend Mabel, and maybe a chance at a clean start.

YA Fiction Stevenson. N

No one truly knows you better than you know yourself; none proves more truer than for Nimona, sidekick to the villainous Lord Blackheart. As the two wreak destruction, their true plans are far more sneaky. Everyone believes good is good and bad is bad, but as their story goes deeper we see that basic beliefs can be farther from the truth.

I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter
YA Fiction Sanchez, E

Growing up was already difficult for Julia, but with the death of her seemingly perfect sister Olga, things ramp up the challenge. With her mother’s form of grieving turning into nitpicking Julia’s imperfections, Julia realizes that living up to ideals and ignoring your own dreams is no way to live. With the help of her best friend and first love, the three figure out what happened to Olga, and that perfection is only a surface image.

Shade the Changing Girl
YA Fiction Shade

Usually when life becomes too repetitive, swapping bodies with someone in another dimension isn’t an option, however for Loma Shade, that’s exactly what she does. Leaving her body, her homeworld, and her boring life behind she becomes someone new; someone who’s already made a name for themself: Megan Boyer. Soon Soma learns that maybe her life wasn’t so boring, maybe someone else’s life should be someone else’s.

Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda                    Love, Simon
YA Fiction Albertalli,                                                       DVD Love or Blu-Ray Love

High school is a challenging time for everyone; you’re nearing adulthood, your body is still changing, there’s so many things to worry about like college and family. To some, sexuality is even a dilemma; do I like boys, girls, both, or neither? For Simon, who knows he’s gay, school is just another place he’s forced to hide himself. But when an email intended to another boy at school who is in the same boat, falls into the wrong hands, Simon must come out on his own terms, or risk someone else outing him on theirs.

This One Summer
YPB Tamaki, M

Growing up is never easy; there’s no instruction sheet, no rulebook. Everyone’s maturation is different, as is everyone’s environment. For Rose and her family they’ve always go up to their lake house, where Rose can be with her best friend Windy. But too many things are different; her parents keep fighting, there’s a boy Rose can’t keep her mind off of, even Windy and Rose’s best friend status is wavering.  Growing up is never easy, but does it have to seem impossible?

It’s Kind of a Funny Story
YA Fiction Vizzini, N

Everyone has a goal; to win the lottery, to finish this semester, to just get through the day even. Craig’s goal  is to get into Manhattan’s Executive Pre-Professional High School and to succeed at life from there. When he aces the exam, and starts meeting his peers, he begins to realize that even through his hard work, he’s not good enough. Taking a depressive turn, Craig winds up in the hospital and finally away from the pressure of school and his future, he’s able to re-evaluate his life and his goals.

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