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Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda:
Book YA Fiction Albertalli, B                    vs               Movie DVD Love or Blu-Ray Love

The Giver:
Book YA Fantasy Lowry, L                        vs                  Movie DVD Giver or Blu-Ray Giver

Before I Fall:
Book YA Fiction Oliver, L                           vs                                 Movie BLU-RAY Before

13 Reasons Why:
Book YA Fiction Asher, J                           vs                                        Movie AC DVD

The Maze Runner:
Book YA Fiction Dashner, J                    vs                  Movie DVD Maze or Blu-Ray Maze

The Hunger Games:
Book YA Fiction Collins, S                      vs              Movie DVD Hunger or Blu-Ray Hunger

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children:
Book YA Fantasy Riggs, R                      vs                         Movie DVD Miss or Blu-Ray Miss

Paper Towns:
Book YA Fiction Green, J                        vs                      Movie DVD Paper or Blu-Ray Paper

Book YA Fiction Keplinger, K                vs                              Movie DVD Duff

A Monster Calls:
Book YA Fantasy Ness, P                     vs             Movie DVD Monster or Blu-Ray Monster

The Outsiders:
Book YA Fiction Hinton, S                      vs                               Movie DVD Outsiders

The 5th Wave:
Book YA SF Yancey, R                               vs                                         Movie BLU-RAY Fifth

The Princess Diaries:
Book YA Fiction Cabot, M                       vs                                 Movie JV DVD PRI

It’s Kind of a Funny Story:
Book YA Fiction Vizzini, N                          vs                                          Movie DVD It’s

I Am Number Four:
Book YA Fiction Lore, P                                vs                                       Movie DVD I

The Vampire Diaries:
Book YA Fiction Smith, L                                vs                                   TV series AC DVD

The Perks of Being a Wallflower:
Book PB Fiction Chbosky, S                             vs                                  Movie DVD Perks

The Fault in Our Stars:
Book YA Fiction Green, J                           vs                     Movie DVD Fault or Blu-Ray Fault

The Hobbit:
Book YA Fiction Tolkein, J                    vs                    Movie DVD Hobbit or Blu-Ray Hobbit

The Book Thief:
Book YA Fiction Zusak, M                        vs                        Movie DVD Book or Blu-Ray Book

Book YA Fiction Roth, V                 vs            Movie DVD Divergent or Blu-Ray Divergent

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl:
Book YA Fiction Andrews, J                        vs                         Movie DVD Me or Blu-Ray Me

Book YA Fantasy Paolini, C                           vs                                 Movie JV DVD ERA

Book YA Fiction Meyer, S                           vs                             Movie DVD Twilight

Book YA Fiction Van Draanen, W               vs                 Movie DVD Flipped

Book YA Fiction Sachar, L                              vs                               Movie DVD Holes

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Book YA Fiction Brashares, A                          vs                         Movie DVD Sisterhood

Beautiful Creatures:
Book YA Fiction Garcia, K                                vs                               Movie DVD Beautiful

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist:
Book YA Fiction Cohn, R                           vs                                 Movie DVD Nick

Mortal Instruments: the City of Bones:
Book YA Fantasy Clare, C                   vs                  Movie DVD Mortal or Blu-Ray Mortal

Everything Everything:
Book YA Fiction Yoon, N              vs          Movie DVD Everything or Blu-Ray Everything

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before:
Book YA Fiction Han, J                             vs                                   Movie Netflix

The Hate U Give:
Book YA Fiction Thomas, A                     vs                      DVD Hate or Blu-Ray Hate

Book YA Fiction Murphy, J                                 vs                                 Movie Netflix

Looking For Alaska:
Book YA Fiction Green, J                                     vs                                 Movie Hulu

All The Bright Places:
Book YA Fiction Niven, J                                      vs                                 Movie Netflix

Mortal Engines:
Book YA Fiction Reeve, P                                    vs                                    Movie DVD Mortal

Book YA Fiction Spinelli, J                                   vs                                   Movie Disney+

The Sun Is Also A Star:
Book YA Fiction Yoon, N                                          vs                                      Movie DVD Sun

On the Lookout For:

Hush, Hush:
Book YA Fiction Fitzpatrick, B                   vs                        Movie IMDB
Unfortunately with not much information, IMDB having last been updated July 2018 and currently in pre-production. Actors Liana Liberato (playing Nora Grey) and Wolfgang Novogratz (playing Patch Cipriano) have been chosen, alongside director Kellie Cyrus (directed The Vampire Diaries television series) for the being worked on movie.

Shatter Me:
Book found on Axis360 or Overdrive               vs                Movie IMDB (TV-2020)
With no set date, but a suggested release of year 2020, the book series by Tahereh Mafi has been chosen to become a TV series through ABC.

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking series):
Book YA Fiction Ness, P                          vs                        Movie IMDB
Have you ever wanted to watch a movie with both Spiderman (Homecoming) and Rey (Star Wars)? Now’s your chance! With a release date of January 22, 2021, be on the lookout for this dystopian-styled, women-less New World.

Dr. Bird’s Advice For Sad Poets:
Book YA Fiction Roskos, E                       vs                              Movie IMDB
With not much information having been given about a release date and status set to post-production, director Yaniv Raz has kept information about the movie close to the vest.

Book YA Fiction Starmer, A                   vs                     Movie IMDB
Unfortunately lacking with release information (I’m sensing a theme here), IMDB claims the movie to be in post-production, and with many high school seniors spontaneously combusting, I would assume the special effects crew might need a bit of time to do their CGI magic.

Artemis Fowl:
Book YA Fiction Colfer, E                         vs                          IMDB
With many years of rumors and excitement, we’re finally set for May 29th, next year for a release of the movie adaptation.

Hush, Hush
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