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Are you looking for something to listen to? Not wanting to pick up a book because you don’t have the time? Have you thought about listening to a podcast? These podcasts can be found on Apple or Google Podcasts, or if you follow the links, they’ll be on their websites.
(Stitcher, Podbean)

YA Lit Podcasts
Hey YA! – Listen here
Created by Book Riot, a great Reader’s Advisory group, have created a podcast dedicated specifically for Young Adult readers. Join Eric and Kelly as they bounce between covers of different novels within the YA-verse.

Adventures in YA – Listen here
Hosts Kristin and Sara go over brand new releases and books that are currently out. Get your paper ready to take down notes for new and great stuff.

Bookmarked – Listen here
Generally noted after a YA Book Podcast, but upon searching further, the site also informs about Books to Movies concepts and excitable gossip. As well as ‘Features’ which seems to be just blog posts regarding books and news regarding teens.

Maximum FunThe Adventure Zone: The McElroy Family; three brothers and their father, podcast their Dungeon and Dragons Adventures in different series.
Interested in the book? The Adventure Zone graphic novel
[Violence, Language, Dark Humor]

BomBARDed – Listen here
BomBARDed is a D&D game, with a musical edge. Have you ever wanted to play a game where everyone plays the same class just to mess with the DM? This podcast is exactly that. The players themselves are from the band Lindby from Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, and they give their Bards the actual power of music. So join Randy Greentrees, Yashe’rak “Yashee” Bordun, and Raz’ul son of Daz’ul on their epic quest.
[Rated PG-13 Violence, Dumb Humor]

Creepy/Scary Story
Welcome to Night Vale – Listen here
Have you ever wanted a radio podcast that dabbles in H. P. Lovecraftian horror, with satire of an actual radio talk show, and delightful bouts of humor? Welcome to Night Vale is a radio talk show that happens generally on the first and fifteenth of the month with updates for a small southwestern state including news, weather, and announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police. But nothing is ever as it seems, as more times than not, the creepy stories that you hear turn out to be real.
Looking for the books? Welcome to Night Vale and It Devours
[Rated PG-13 – Creepypasta/Horror stories]

Limetown – Listen here
A fictional story about a complete vanishing of three-hundred and twenty-seven from a city of Limetown. American Public Reporter journalist Lia Haddock, having lost her uncle during the vanishing, takes the mantle in trying to discover the mystery of what happened to Limetown.
Interested in the book? We can get it for you through LINKin
[Rated PG-13 – Creepypasta/Horror Story]

Current Events
Keep It – Listen here
Three hosts Ira Madison, Kara Brown, and Louis Virtel discuss current events in Pop Culture/Media. The best part of the podcast is how well the hosts blend together to create an amusing atmosphere.

Personal Best – Listen here
Two normal people Producer Andrew Norton and Rob Norman try to help regular listeners solve a problem in their lives. Mix humor and people doing the best they can, and a setting based in Canada and you’ve got Personal Best.

Spirits Podcast
– Listen here thru acast.com
Are you curious about the history behind folklore, mythology, and legends? Listen to two history buffs Julia and Amanda as they discuss stories behind different folklore over drinks.
[Language, Alcohol, Dark humor]

TED Talks – Listen here
Do you have questions about random things that maybe Google can’t give you a straight answer on? Check out TED Talks and see if maybe they can fill out the blanks you have regarding different topics.
[Rated PG-13]

Sex+/Laci Green – Listen here on Patreon if you already have an account
Laci Green is an education-based person on YouTube who likes to take a stance on helping teens (or anyone who wants to listen), with anything they ask her about. She bases her Q+A’s on Sexual Education, but delves into Relationships, Self-Esteem, Feminism and LGBT, and different things that are current everyone’s lives.
Looking for the book? Sex Plus by Laci Green can be found on LINKin
[Rated PG-13 – Language, Adult Themes]

Wine and Crime – Listen here
Three childhood friends Amanda, Kenyon, and Lucy talk wine and true crime stories together as they discuss the depth of law/legality of killers and crimes. If you’re curious about the basics of Arson, or Killer Couples and can tolerate some macabre humor and some swearing, you may want to listen in.
[Language, Dark Humor]

The Bechdel Cast – Listen here
This podcast is a discussion between two hosts Caitlin and Jamie and generally a special guest, who discuss perspectives of women in movies devoted towards feminism.  The flaws, the positives, the stereotypical aspects, the underlying meanings; these women judge them all with the Bechdel Test.
[Language, Some graphic scenes]

How Did This Get Made? – Listen here
Hosts Paul, June, and Jason including a special guest discuss ‘terrible’ movies that were made and what makes them so bad.

Very Bad Wizards – Listen here
Contrary to the name, this is not about magic and wizardry, but however a spin-off of a quote from the Wizard of Oz “Oh, no my dear. I’m a very good man. I’m just a very bad Wizard.” This is a conversation between a Philosopher (Tamler) and Psychologist (David) who converse about Neuroscience and the like.
[Language, Dark Humor]

Buffering the Vampire Slayer – Listen here
Have you binge watched all the episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and found it lacking that there hasn’t been much after?  Read the fanfics, watched the movies? Here’s two geeks Jenny Owen Youngs and Kristin Russo who have made it their lives’ mission to go in depth of every episode of every season and explain symbolism and concepts.

Wolverine: The Long Night – Marvel/Stitcher scripted podcast – Listen here
Everyone knows that Hugh Jackman will always be Wolverine, but for the podcast the  mantle was given to Richard Armitage, who in terms of gravelly voice did a pretty decent job. The story takes place in Burns, Alaska when Agents Pierce and Marshall are called in investigate a murder on a fishing boat and wind up stepping into something deeper than they suspected.

A Game of Owns – Listen here
Are you getting tired of waiting for the season finale of GoT? On this podcast, Eric, Selina, and Zack divulge with their lovely listeners differences and symbolism behind the books and TV show.
[Language, Violence, Spoilers, everything that makes GoT = GoT]

Fantasy Story-time
Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services – Listen here
Kalila is just your normal everyday witch with spells for hire living in the modern era. Trying to juggle interesting clients and fixing awkward problems amidst the magically gifted. Those interested in the Jim Butcher series Harry Dresden may enjoy the similarities.

The Habitat – Listen here
What if you were chosen to go to another planet, but you couldn’t come back for a whole year? You’re stuck on Mars for a full year with five other people, no ability to leave a small dome the size of a two car garage without wearing a spacesuit. This is the experiment to make sure that six chosen astronauts can make it a full year under those requirements before taking the actual project away from the one true home you’ve always had; Earth.

Sandra – Listen here
When Helen attempts to start a new life as part of everyone’s favorite A.I. Sandra, she realizes that no matter how far you go, sometimes you can never leave your dreary hometown.

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