Have you started planning your New Year’s Resolution?

Every year, people do the same thing; make resolutions. Some people only last a month, others last longer, and depending on the resolution few last the year.
If you haven’t thought over your’s, here’s some examples of popular resolutions and suggestions on how to beat them.

-Losing Weight/Become Healthy:
Everyone wants to be fit and healthy, and generally losing a bit of weight helps with become healthier.
*Many studies would suggest that making sure you get to sleep and wake up around the same time everyday. Your body becomes less sluggish and becomes more consistent than a lack, or an overabundance of sleep.
*Drinking water between meals is also a proven method to assist with health and losing weight. As you drink more water, it helps boost your metabolism as well as helping with eating fewer calories during meals.
*Cutting back on added sugar and carbonated drinks assists your body in fighting against obesity (as well as diabetes).
*Exercise is always a basic response to this resolution. Obviously not everyone has the option to go to a gym to workout, but sometimes just giving yourself thirty minutes to stretch, do some push-ups and sit-ups, walk or job around your community, or just basic workouts while in your room. 

Money has been a major resolution for people. Wanting to save money, get out of debt, wanting to avoid debt in general.
*”Free outings” are a great way to spend a day with friends, or significant others. Instead of going on activities that cost large amounts of money, try to plan a free day once or twice a month (or more if possible) where you spend no money. (ex Going to the beach or park for a picnic, free days at museums).
*Investing in a fund or savings account is a fantastic idea for saving money. ‘Piggy Banks’ or a small box are a great item to use if you can’t afford a Savings Account at a bank; if you do choose a bank to put your savings, make sure you look into details of the account. (ex How much needs to be deposited a month to avoid a fee, How much interest it will acquire yearly).

-Better Yourself:
Being a better you, and increasing your self-care are pretty high on the spectrum of resolutions.
*30 minutes of me-time a week, or more, is a good plan for self-care resolution. With that time dedicated to yourself, you can take time to breathe, listen to your favorite music, meditate, do yoga, and not worry about life and help relieve the stress.
*Take a few moments to clean a section of your room up. Some psychologists suggest that cleaning your room can assist with de-stressing yourself.

-Doing Well in School: 
*Studying is important, but don’t burnout. Burnout can happen to anyone at anytime, but mostly consumes students during finals or major projects/papers. If you sense a looming sense of Burnout, try and distance yourself from whatever is overly stressing you by taking a break and hanging out with friends, or doing something you truly enjoy. It’s always suggested that to avoid Burnout, you create a game-plan prior to major events/works and stick to it; give yourself more time than necessary to get work done and make sure you keep yourself well-hydrated and don’t forget to eat enough.
*Get extra help if you don’t understand something. Tutoring is always a great option, and most schools generally provide resources to find one. However if you cannot find one through school, online tutoring is always a good option, I’ve looked into a few online sites and have listed the websites below: Wyzant, Tutor, and Chegg/Tutors are always good options. Group studies with friends are always a good choice, but it’s always a challenge to stay on topic, so try and take some short breaks during study sessions so you don’t lose focus. 

Learn a New Skill/Hobby:
*Thanks to YouTube, visual tutorials is one of the easiest ways to learn how to do something. Arts and Crafts, Cooking, Life Skills, Beauty Products, Gaming, and a bunch more skills are all available to learn for free. Best part of learning something online? Pausing and Rewinding capabilities.
*Not to toot the library’s own horn, but have you checked out the library’s Research section through the eContent tab? There’s a couple awesome sites provided to help you learn new skills.
+Have you checked out Lynda? Using your Wheaton card, you can take free online classes which can teach you a bunch of new skills or subjects.
+Want help with cooking, or figuring out new meals you can make with ingredients in your pantry/kitchen? Try AtoZ World Food where you can learn about foods/meals from other countries, or learn new recipes through different ingredients in your homes.


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