Adulting 101; How Does One Become An Adult? Part 1

When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up so I could do all the super cool things that adults do; driving, cooking, going to college, staying up til as late as I want, working cool jobs, refusing naps, getting married. Now that I’m an adult, I want to abandon all those tasks and take more naps and color.

Unfortunately, there’s no special classes everyone takes to become an adult once you hit 18 or 21 (oh no, I spoiled the secret). There’s basic classes you can take in High School that can give you a leg up, but not one that will teach you everything you need to know. In truth, YouTube and How-To videos are our fallback for when we need to learn something, same as anyone else.

So what do you need to know, when there’s so much to learn?
That’s what we’re here to assist you with.


Have you cooked before?
Do you know how to make instant ramen, and PB&J already?
Have you been taken classes in school, or have you been taught at home?
Obviously you don’t need the skills of Gordon Ramsay or the culinary knowledge needed in Chopped, but knowing how to cut food correctly without slicing yourself is a necessity.
Here’s some YouTubers and videos that can teach you basic knowledge:
10 Tips For Beginner Cooks with Rachel Ballinger
Tasty 101 Season 1
15 Cooking Tricks Chefs Reveal Only At Culinary School
Brothers Green Eats Playlist
Gordon Ramsay’s YouTube Channel

Getting in a bit deeper down this rabbit hole, do you live in a dorm, or will you be moving out soon? Hey, maybe you already are, and just need a few more tips on cooking on a budget. I mean hey, pre-packaged and fast food are great when you’ve got no time, but eating an actual meal, especial one that’s cheap and you made yourself is a pretty good feeling.
Healthy Shopping on a College Budget with Adrienne Hill
Meal Planning For One with Balancing Val
Grocery Shopping Hacks (No Coupons) with Jordan Page
Grocery Hauls for Vegans with Caitlin Shoemaker


Maybe you never took Economics, or anything of the sort in High School, or maybe they removed it from the curriculum. Thankfully there’s no real NEED to know how to balance a checkbook; online banking pretty much has you covered. But what about debt, and knowing how to walk that tightrope between being too cautious or too frivolous. Everyone has debt, it’s just to what degree; manageable or drowning?
Here’s some videos to help you keep your head above water, with a few budgeting concepts:
Simplest Budgeting Method Ever with Jordan Page
15 Practical Budgeting Tips by Dave Ramsey
7 Tips For Effective and Stress-Free Budgeting with Forbes

Taxes have always been a headache for most everyone, collecting all your necessary papers to bring to your appointment, or making sure you use a legit site if you do it yourself online. I unfortunately can’t suggest a tax group if you want to pay someone to do your taxes because I have a friend of my parents do mine, and that would also be theoretically ‘sponsoring’ a company, but obviously double-check prices and make sure you do your homework on the companies out there.
Basic IRS website; printouts for forms
Online Taxes; free site to file taxes
Tax Companies: H&R Block, Intuit TurboTax, Jackson Hewitt, TaxAct


Maybe you know how to do laundry, or maybe you’re the one who’s in charge of laundry at your house. Maybe you’ve even dealt with basic stains, and have your own sorting system. If you haven’t, don’t worry, there’s some interesting tips and tricks to help you make your own systems.
How I Do Laundry with Jordan Page
20 Fast and Foolproof Ways to Remove Almost Any Stain with 5-Minute Crafts
How To Get Almost Every Stain Out Of Your Clothes with Rachel Ray
Guide to Fabric Care Symbols


There are way too many types of insurance out there nowadays; Homeowners/Renters, Health, Car/Vehicle, Life, etc and unfortunately when you move out to start your life you’ll need a majority of them to keep penalties off your back. Just note, most Insurance Companies will lower rates if you bundle insurance types together.
-Most apartments will require you show proof of Renters Insurance in order to prove you’re covered in case of an incident, otherwise you’re a liability on their behalf (being involved in an apartment fire previously, this is a terrifying thing that you’ll wish never happens to you, and I hope it never does). Obviously a cheaper price is nice, but make sure the amount it covers is a decent guesstimate for what you own.
How does Renters Insurance work?
-Health Insurance is a necessity, no really, it’s a legal necessity. If you don’t have insurance the government will charge you a penalty fee. Thankfully you can stay on your parent’s health insurance until you turn 26.
Penalty amount for not having Health Insurance
Insurance possibilities until you turn 30
Getting your own health insurance: HealthCare.Gov
-Life Insurance isn’t a necessity at this point, basically just an insurance plan for your life; literally. Some jobs also offer Life Insurance through a group concept. So what’s the difference, is it worth it? Obviously if you start early, especially with a cheap enough plan you’ll earn a decent amount for when you need it, but it’s not a necessity like Health Insurance so if you want to wait, feel free.
Basics of Life Insurance
Insurance offered through work (full time/IMRF/benefits), Group Life Insurance?
-Car Insurance also has become a necessity within the world, with the unfortunate fact that it can be pretty expensive. Always shop around for a decent quote, don’t stop at one company
What are the consequences if you don’t have car insurance?
What are some reasons insurance is so high?
Why car insurance is so high, and how to lower it?

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