What House Do I Belong To?

One would believe that all the heroes and heroines of our favorite novels would be a Gryffindor; having bested the baddies, and saving their loved ones from never-ending fear of death or abduction, right? Not quite.
Just because you’re a hero, and work towards saving the day it doesn’t automatically mean you’re Brave and Chivalrous.

Please fill out our survey below with your favorite character, and their series/title/author and we’ll sort them into their Hogwarts House.
We’ll make a post at a later date with our characters and their houses, and the reason why we put them there.


Speaking of, have you discovered your Hogwarts House? Do you know your Patronus, or which wand or broom you would use? If not, visit Pottermore and learn your wizardly identity and find out who you are.

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