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National Poetry Month

When you hear the word ‘Poetry’, what do you think of?
Rhyming A-B-A-B-C-B scheme?
Words in a sentence slanted on a page?
For most people, all of those can be poetry, as long as they without strong, and emotional, words. ThoughtCo brings an interesting point to the topic of Poetry if you’d like to read ‘What Is Poetry?’

The Poet X – Acevedo, Elizabeth
Out Of The Dust – Hesse, Karen
The Crossover – Alexander, Kwame
Crank – Hopkins, Ellen
Poisoned Apples: poems for you, my pretty – Heppermann, Christine
October Mourning: a song for Matthew Shepard – Newman, Leslea
For Everyone – Reynolds, Jason
Long Way Down – Reynolds, Jason
Keesha’s House – Frost, Helen
Between The Lines – Grimes, Nikki
Girls Like Me – StVil, Lola
House Arrest – Holt, K.A.
The Watch That Ends The Night – Wolf, Allan
Sold – McCormick, Patricia
Shout – Anderson, Laurie Halse
Swing – Alexander, Kwame
Jazz Owls: a novel of the Zoot Suit Riots – Engle, Margarita
American Ace – Nelson, Marilyn
Bull – Elliott, David
A Time To Dance – Venkatraman, Padma
One – Crossan, Sarah
5 To 1 – Bodger, Holly
Please Excuse This Poem – Lauer, Brett Fletcher
Street Love – Myers, Walter Dean
Love & Leftovers: a novel in verse – Tregay, Sarah
The Realm Of Possibility – Levithan, David
On The Come Up – Thomas, Angie
People Kill People – Hopkins, Ellen
#NotYourPrincess – Charleyboy, Lisa
Bronx Masquerade – Grimes, Nikki
Coaltown Jesus – Koertge, R

A majority of the above, are YA fiction-styled writings. If you would prefer more of the non-fiction-styled writings, aim for the section 811.
Some fantastic ‘Adult’ poets would be:

I Don’t Want To Be Crazy – Schutz, Samantha
The Best Of It: new and selected poems – Ryan, Kay
Faithful And Virtuous Night – Gluck, Louise
Milk And Honey – Kaur, Rupi
There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyonce – Parker, Morgan
This Way To The Sugar – Nguyen, Hieu Minh
Wade In The Water – Smith, Tracy K.
Night Sky With Exit Wounds – Vuong, Ocean
The Witch Doesn’t Burn In This One – Lovelace, Amanda

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