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‘Geekerella’ and ‘The Princess and the Fangirl’ by Ashley Poston

Have you read the modernized Cinderella adaptation yet? If not, the sequel ‘The Princess and the Fangirl’ recently came out, so you may want to pick it up.

Geekerella swaps narration between our two main characters: Darien Freeman and Elle Wittimer.

Elle Wittimer has been living with her step-mother and two step-sisters after her father’s death. She’s been working at ‘The Magic Pumpkin’, a vegan food truck, and stashing her savings to make an escape from her family’s house and save her father’s nerdy memorabilia. Since hearing the main characters for the new Starfield movie, Elle’s blog has been sky-high on importance, and her dislike for Darien Feeman is just as high.

Darien Freeman on the other hand has loved Starfield since he was a boy, and makes it his goal in life to recreate his favorite character with as much perfection as he can, but everyone assumes that the young actor will mess it up.

The two may not have the best standings, but once Darien has been invited to ExcelsiCon, he knows he needs to get out so he does the only thing he can, text the number designated as the director of the con. Elle’s father’s phone, her phone.

The Princess and the Fangirl also does a swapped narration between the two main characters: Imogen Lovelace and Jessica Stone.

Everyone knows Jessica Stone, an upcoming famous actress who was contracted to play Starfield’s Princess Amara. And many know that Jessica is not into the series, and wouldn’t mind getting herself out of the movie, especially not when the ‘true fans’ are whining about her portrayal.

Imogen Lovelace has always loved the Starfield franchise, and wants to try and prevent Princess Amara from getting axed, well aware of Stone’s dislike of the franchise. So Imogen begins a #SaveAmara campaign on social media, and attempts to keep Amara from staying in the freezing galaxy forever.

However, when the script for the sequel gets leaked, Imogen and Jess must swap places to try and figure who leaked the script, while giving Jess a realization of while the series is so great and why Amara should make a comeback to the franchise.

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