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Tissue Worthy Reads

Have you ever read a book, it just broke your heart and made you start sobbing?
Here’s our list, and cautionary sob warning.

Keep a box of tissues handy if you pick one of these books up.

Thirteen Reasons WhyAsher, Jay [5/5 Sobs]
Suicide is never a happy topic, and Thirteen Reasons Why brings suicide closer to light than makes some of us comfortable.
The Boy in Striped PajamasBoyne, John [5/5 Sobs]
War is always depressing, but focus on two boys who become close friends even though one’s in a concentration camp, and the other is free and our eyes are already welling up.
The Perks of Being a WallflowerChbosky, Stephen [4/5 Sobs]
Our main character Charlie, is one of the saddest characters we’ve gotten the chance to meet. Charlie’s life hasn’t been the best thus far, and we’re attacked emotionally as we realize just how thoroughly we relate with Charlie.
MockingjayCollins, Suzanne [3/5 Sobs]
Though this series is more action-filled, sans Katniss’ depressive episodes, it isn’t until the near the end of the book when Prim and the other nurses/kids are murdered by Snow or when Peeta shows just how deep the Capitol destroyed him psychologically where we feel our hearts crushed.
Love Letters to the DeadDellaira, Ava [3/5 Sobs]
Laurel is constantly struggling to cope with her sisters death, when her English teacher gives the class an assignment to write to a dead person. Once she begins the assignment, we travel with her throughout her grieving process during her coming of age tale.
Out of My MindDraper, Sharon [3/5 Sobs]
Similar to ‘Wonder’, Melody has cerebral palsy and everyone puts her disability before her. She wants to be herself, and prove that she’s more than just her disability, but without being able to talk, write, or walk she has to figure out how.
If I StayForman, Gayle [3/5 Sobs]
Many of us are given choices in our lives; go left or right, take classes in college or start a job, do I want fries with that? Mia who’s life was full of choices, now after a fateful accident, has been brought down to one: should she stay, or go?
The Fault in Our StarsGreen, John [5/5 Sobs]
In truth, anything from John Green will practically break anyone’s heart. His skill of making anyone cry is too grand, and we believe he must have sold his soul to perfect that art.
The OutsidersHinton, S.E. [4/5 Sobs]
“Stay gold, Ponyboy” will always mean more than just words to us as we remember the loss of one of the sweetest friendships between outcasts.
Les MiserablesHugo, Victor [5/5 Sobs]
If you didn’t cry while reading or watching Les Miserables, then you must truly be some form of robot. Though we can’t really relate to the story itself, the characters struggles and fight for survival are something we can break our hearts over.
A Monster CallsNess, Patrick [3/5 Sobs]
Much like the graphic novel, ‘I Kill Giants’, there’s a child who is trying to deal with terminal illness of a family member, and is using stories and fantastical monsters to try and get through it.
Holding Up the UniverseNiven, Jessica [4/5 Sobs]
Being seen, feeling wanted, not being ignored are all major players in this book as the two main characters Libby and Jack, confront these problems consistently throughout their lives.
WonderPalacio, R.J. [5/5 Sobs]
“You can’t be ordinary when you were born to stand out”. Auggie is one of the sweetest characters we will ever know, and the fact that birth defects/deformities is the only reason why some people could not accept him, is a major reason why we’re still crying.
A Child Called ‘It’Pelzer, David [4/5 Sobs]
This true story is about a child, Dave, and his survival with an abusive and alcoholic mother. With no one to turn to, or anyone to assist him, Dave had to learn his mother’s unstable games to make sure he could make it another day.
A World Without YouRevis, Beth [4/5 Sobs]
The story introduces Bo, a seventeen year old, who has always had delusions that he can travel through time. After he’s sent to a school for ‘troubled youth’ he falls in love with Sofia, who unfortunately due to her depression kills herself. Hit with this, we watch as Bo eventually comes to terms with his world.
Eleanor & ParkRowell, Rainbow [4/5 Sobs]
No one forgets their first love, especially not Eleanor or Park. However, when you add into the mix the inability to fit in with your peers, bullying, and trouble at home, you create a combination that equates to a sob-worthy story.
Of Mice and MenSteinbeck, John [5/5 Sobs]
Throughout the book, we are introduced to Lennie and George two men who are trying to survive their poor lives as George tries to protect Lennie and his ‘child-like’ mentality. By the end of the book, we’re not crying, you’re crying.
The Dangerous Art of Blending InSurmelis, Angelo [3/5 Sobs]
Abusive households are always a touchy subject when you’re writing a novel, and Surmelis does a fantastic job in this, making our main character Evan go through the darkest times of his life, and come out shining brightly.
Everything, EverythingYoon, Nicola [4/5 Sobs]
“Love is everything. Everything.” Sappy lovey-dovey romance novels are one thing, but romance novels where one of the main characters has a debilitating and life-threatening illness is another. How dare you make us feel these feels.
The Book Thief Zusak, Marcus [3/5 Sobs]
Narrated by Death himself, WWII has always been a depressing topic, but the story focuses on a specific girl who is forced into a foster family and attempts at survival.

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