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Teen Review – The Odyssey

In the epic poem The Odyssey a hero named Odysseus is gloating about winning a war. The gods get mad at him and sent him on a long boat trip.

The book starts with discussion on what his situation is and what is happening to his home and wife while he is away. The book then introduces us to his tales, his adventures, his encounters with many mythical creatures while his main goal is to return home to his wife. The book is about Odysseus longing for home.

He was punished by gods so they wanted to make sure he learned his lesson by making the boat trip and having him going through a difficult journey. He has to earn everything; his home and his wife. When he gets home he has to pass a final challenge to get his wife back. The story leads up to the moment Odysseus, backed up by Athene, gets revenge on the Suitors.


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