‘Appy Hour’ – Tech Safety

I wanted to write a small blurb every other week on Fridays regarding an app.

One that is fantastic, underrated, overrated, a current favorite, or one that needs to be called out.

Today’s app will be:


What is LastPass, and why does it effect me?
LastPass is an app/browser extension that helps you keep your passwords safe in a secure manner. Now, most sites allow you to save your password to reuse on the site, or browsers like Google also have password managers. However LastPass is one of the safest password manager that I could find (that did not cost). While there was a security breach back in 2015, nothing regarding encrypted vault data was leaked (usernames on the otherhand…)

As bonus security measures, LastPass even includes white-hat researchers (aka internet hackers that work with companies to search for issues within the security) to work on ‘bug bounty hunts’.

LastPass is a free app, and gives you the option of paying for additional options.
The Premium option ($3 a month, paid annually) offers a GB of encrypted file storage and priority tech support.
While the Family option ($4 a month, paid annually) offers the GB of storage and priority tech support plus 6 premium licenses (allows six people to use the same account) and a family member dashboard.

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