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Pride Month – Read the Rainbow


Simon vs the Homo sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

Simon has been exchanging anonymous emails with Blue since they connected through Tumblr. However, when one of his emails falls into the wrong hands and Simon finds himself being blackmailed he’s not only worried about his own coming out, but also Blue’s. A sweet and funny book, filled with friendship, family, and romance.

Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli

Taking place in the Simon universe, this is Leah’s story (clearly based on the title). Leah is dealing with feelings she has for one of her friends – who happens to be dating another of her friends – surviving her senior year, and figuring out what the next stage means for her and her friends.

This is Kind of an Epic Love Story by Kacen Callender (as Kheryn Callender)

Film buff and aspiring screenwriter Nathan Bird doesn’t believe in happy endings since his father died and his mom began to unravel. His best-friend-turned-girlfriend-tu​r​n​e​d​-​b​e​s​t​-​f​r​i​e​n​d​-​a​g​a​i​n​, Florence, is set on making sure Nate finds someone else. And that someone does come along: Oliver James Hernández, his childhood best friend. But can Nate find the courage to pursue his own happily ever after?

Little and Lion by Brandy Colbert

Suzette returns home to Los Angeles from boarding school and grapples with her bisexual identity when she and her brother Lionel fall in love with the same girl, pushing Lionel’s bipolar disorder to spin out of control and forcing Suzette to confront her own demons.

I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver

When Ben comes out to their parents as nonbinary, they’re thrown out of their house and forced to move in with their estranged older sister, Hannah, and her husband, Thomas. Struggling with an anxiety disorder compounded by their parents’ rejection, they try to keep a low profile for the last half of senior year in a new school. Then fellow student Nathan Allan decides to take Ben under his wing. As Ben and Nathan’s friendship grows, their feelings for each other begin to change. It might just be a chance to start a happier new life.

Pet by Akwaeke Emezi

In Jam’s city of Lucille, monsters have been gotten rid of. But then a creature emerges from one of her mother’s paintings; a creature that is there to hunt for a monster – a monster who is hurting someone in the house of her best-friend.

Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin

A gender-fluid teenager who struggles with identity creates a blog on the topic that goes viral, and faces ridicule at the hands of fellow students.

How (not) to Ask a Boy by Prom by S.J. Goslee

Nolan Grant is sixteen, gay, and very, very single. He’s never had a boyfriend, or even been kissed. Nolan plans to ride out the rest of his junior year drawing narwhals, working at the greenhouse, and avoiding anything that involves an ounce of school spirit. Unfortunately for him, his adoptive big sister has other ideas. Ideas that involve too-tight pants, a baggie full of purple glitter, and worst of all: a Junior-Senior prom ticket.

The Music of What Happens by Bill Konigsberg

It is summer in Phoenix, and seventeen-year-old Maximo offers to help Jordan, a fellow student in high school, with the food truck that belonged to Jordan’s deceased father, and which may be the only thing standing between homelessness for Jordan and his mom; the boys are strongly attracted to each other, but as their romance develops, it is threatened by the secrets they are hiding–and by the racism and homophobia of those around them.

We Are Okay by Nina Lacour

Marin’s last weeks before heading to college ended tragically and she has spent the last semester trying to block it out. Now, her best-friend Mabel is coming to visit and pushing her to face what happened.

The Stars and the Blackness Between Them by Junauda Petrus

Told in two voices, sixteen-year-old Audre and Mabel, both young women of color from different backgrounds, fall in love and figure out how to care for each other as one of them faces a fatal illness.

Death Prefers Blondes by Caleb Roehrig

Teen celebrity socialite Margo leads a double life as a cat burglar with a crew of four kickboxing drag queens, but when a big job goes belly-up, each one of them must rely on their special skills to survive the night.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenez

15-year-old Ari Mendoza is an angry loner with a brother in prison, but when he meets Dante and they become friends, Ari starts to ask questions about himself, his parents, and his family that he has never asked before.

They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

Rufus and Mateo both get the call early one morning – they are going to die today. In an effort to make a connection on their last day on Earth they find each other through the Last Friend app. As the day progresses and their feelings for each other deepen they each try to make the most of their last great adventure.

Historical Fiction

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

Monty is supposed to take over the family estate in 18th century England, he would much prefer to just have a good time. He’s had relationships with both men and women, but his current crush is his best-friend Percy. Monty is looking forward to his European grand tour with Percy (and his father has added his sister Felicity to the trip), but as the trip turns from a carefree raucous adventure to a survival adventure many parts of his life are called into question. Fun and hilarious.

The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy by Mackenzi Lee

Monty’s sister Felicity is hoping to enroll in medical school, no small feat for a girl in the 18th century. However, being low on funds she’s losing hope until a mysterious woman offers to travel with her and pay her way, all resulting in Felicity’s own European adventure.

Like a Love Story by Abdi Nazemian

In 1989 New York City three teens work to reckon friendship, love, and who they each are. Judy and Reza are dating, but Reza knows that he’s gay, and falling for Judy’s best-friend Art – the only out gay teen in their class. It is also the height of the AIDs crisis, which has been tied to and is killing the gay community; Judy’s uncle has the virus and devotes his time to activism and Art is documenting the crisis through photography.


Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta

Resets the Arthurian legend in outer space, with King Arthur reincarnated as seventeen-year-old Ari, a female king whose quest is to stop a tyrannical corporate government, aided by a teenaged Merlin.

Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst

Princess Dennaleia has been betrothed since childhood to the prince of Mynaria, a land where magic is forbidden. But Denna possesses an Affinity for fire. To make matters worse, she must learn to ride Mynaria’s formidable warhorses before her coronation–and her teacher is the intimidating, Princess Amaranthine. When an assassination leaves the kingdom reeling, Mare and Denna reluctantly join forces to search for the culprit. As the two work together, their new friendship threatens to blossom into something more. But with dangerous conflict brewing that makes the alliance more important than ever, acting on their feelings could be deadly.

Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova

Alex is a bruja and the most powerful witch in her family. But she’s hated magic ever since it made her father disappear into thin air. When a curse she performs to rid herself of magic backfires and her family vanishes, she must travel to Los Lagos, a land in-between as dark as Limbo and as strange as Wonderland, to get her family back.

We Set the Dark on Fire by Tehlor Mejia Kay

Dani is a top student at the Medio School for Girls as she trains to be the wife who runs a husband’s household. As she graduates she discovers her biggest rival, Carmen, will be the segunda, the wife who raises the children, and she is pulled into the resistance movement. Deciding where she will stand, while trying to hide her biggest secret from her new family, and come to terms with her growing feelings for Carmen

Loki by Mackenzi Lee

A pre-Avenbers Loki. After he and his best friend Amora destroy a prized possession of Asgard, and Amora is banished to Earth, Loki finds himself sent to 19th century London to investigate a string of mysterious murders.

Adaptation by Melinda Lo

In the aftermath of a series of plane crashes caused by birds, seventeen-year-old Reese and her debate-team partner, David, receive medical treatment at a secret government facility and become tangled in a conspiracy that is, according to Reese’s friend, Julian, connected with aliens and UFOs.

Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan

When Lei, seventeen, is stolen from her home to become one of nine Paper Girls, the Demon King’s concubines, she proves to be more fire than paper.

Graphic Novels

As the Crow Flies by Melanie Gillman

Charlie Lamonte is thirteen years old, queer, black, and questioning what was once a firm belief in God. So naturally, she’s spending a week of her summer vacation stuck at an all-white Christian youth backpacking camp. As the journey wears on and the rhetoric wears thin, she can’t help but poke holes in the pious obliviousness of this storied sanctuary with little regard for people like herself — or her fellow camper Sydney.

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me by Mariko Tamaki

Laura Dean, the most popular girl in high school, was Frederica Riley’s dream girl, but Freddy is learning she is not the best girlfriend, so she seeks help from a mysterious medium and advice columnists to help her through being a teenager in love.

Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker

Nova Huang knows more about magic than your average teen witch. One fateful night, she follows reports of a white wolf into the woods, and she comes across the unexpected: her childhood crush, Tam Lang, battling a horse demon. As a werewolf, Tam has been wandering from place to place for years, unable to call any town home. Pursued by dark forces eager to claim the magic of wolves and out of options, Tam turns to Nova for help. Their latent feelings are rekindled against the backdrop of witchcraft, untested magic, occult rituals, and family ties both new and old.

The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang

Prince Sebastian is supposed to be looking for a bride, but what he really wants is someone to make him fabulous dresses. That’s where Frances comes in, a talented dressmaker she helps transform Sebastian into Lady Crystallia, fast becoming a fashion icon.

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