‘Appy Hour’ – Workout and Weight Loss

I wanted to write a small blurb every other week on Fridays regarding an app.

One that is fantastic, underrated, overrated, a current favorite, or one that needs to be called out.

Today’s app will be:

‘7 Minute Workout’

7 Minute Workout app was created by the Developer (Simple Design Ltd.), who has created other health-based apps, and can be used alongside Google Fit. 7 Minute Workout is available on Android and Apple, and is free to use (with offers to purchase Ad-Free availability).

7 Minute Workout is exactly that, an intense workout that lasts for seven minutes a day to help improve health and fitness. The app’s Classic approach has you perform 13 types of activities for 30 seconds; allowing a 10 second break in between activities to allow you to take a breather and watch how to perform the next activity. Some of the activities are: Side plank, Push-ups, Stepping up onto a chair, Wall sitting, Lunges, and more.

7 Minute Workout also has other options for workouts in case you would like to specifically tone and work on a specific area including: Abs Workout, Butt Workout, Leg Workout, Arm Workout, and Sleepy Time Stretch.
The plus side about the activities involved, is if you do not know what the activity is/how to perform it, they offer a link to a YouTube video on instructions.

The final option that 7 Minute Workout offers is a 30 Day Challenge. With this, you can choose your plan Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty, and exercise every day. The app will record your weight, height, Body Mass Index, and dates exercised.


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