True Crime Storytime pt 4

Creepypastas in Reality

Before we start into the story, let’s do a quick refresh lesson on what is Creepypasta.

Creepypasta is a genre of user-generated paranormal and scary stories distributed largely via internet forums. It is a subgenre of copypasta.

If you’re still confused by the definition, essentially think of Creepypastas as urban folklore that contain a plot filled with horror/thriller, and generally revolves around some form of supernatural occurrence; a haunted video game, a faceless man in a suit, a phone call with someone who’s dead. Some of the most popular Creepypastas in existence are The Slender Man, Ben Drowned, Candle Cove, and Jack the Killer. If you’re interested in reading some, or learning more about what an active imagination can come up with, feel free to check out some sites where Creepypastas are collected; I’ve found one for you initially here, but go ahead and look for more if you so desire.




Our first story happened thanks to the online Creepypasta Laughing Jack. Laughing Jack isn’t as well-known as Slender Man, however, he has a large popularity among Creepypasta readers. The generally accepted information is that Laughing Jack is a white and black dressed clown who finds children and acts like their imaginary friend, after a few days and strange activities, Laughing Jack will either kill the children himself, or cause a family member to kill the children.
If you’re interested in reading more than the basics listed above, feel free to look into some of the links below:


On the evening of July 23, 2015, a 12-year-old girl from Ekhart, Indiana, set her family’s apartment on fire, before fatally stabbing her step-mother, Maria Torres. Due to her age, the girl is not named in any of the articles, so she will be referred to as ‘The Girl’.

The young girl had been plagued for months by voices; one of which she claimed was Laughing Jack. With the voices continuing, the girl went to her father, Edwin Torres, to try and seek assistance from psychologists, however information could not be gathered whether the family had or had not gotten the girl assistance.

The articles do not go into much details regarding the events, however it is explained that the girl had been led by ‘Laughing Jack’ to set her apartment on fire and was then told to stab her step-mother to death. The girl’s father tried to stop the girl; claiming that the girl’s eyes were empty, but was stabbed in the arm before the girl was brought into custody.

After being brought to custody, three doctors had diagnosed the girl with Dissociative Identity Disorder, while two doctors had diagnosed the girl with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The doctors had deemed that the girl was unfit to stand trial, so instead they sent her to a local juvenile detention facility where she would go through psychological treatment until she was mentally able. The girl was suggested to go to an actual facility to get better treatment, however more than 16 facilities had denied the girl entry. Believing her to be more danger than they could provide for.

“The risk level for her is beyond anything I think anybody can imagine. For her not to be able to get the help she’s crying out for is probably one of the biggest travesties I’ve seen so far with the system and with a state agency not willing to step up and do their job.”

Holly curtis, the girl’s public defender

In 2017, experts found the girl mentally able to stand in trial, and the trial was allowed to begin in 2018. Even though the girl was 16, a motion to swap to an adult court was denied, and the girl remained in a juvenile court. This was fought for again, and the case was put on hold again; where currently it remains waiting.




Side Story!

Some of you may have already heard of the Slender Man stabbings; an incident that occurred back in 2014 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. If not, then man, you’re in for one heck of a ride.
If you’re interested in learning about Slender Man, below are the links for the Creepypasta story as well as the creators’ YouTube channel for their project.


On Saturday May 31, 2014 just before 10am, the police received a phone call from a random civilian claiming there was a 12-year-old female bleeding on the side of the road. Quickly, the station sent Detectives Michelle Trussoni and Tom Casey to investigate the call before indeed finding Payton Leutner. Leutner explained that she was stabbed 19 times by her best friends, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier.

Payton Leutner, Morgan Geyser, and Anissa Weier.

Trussoni stayed with Leutner, and took down as much information as she could; unsure if Leutner would survive her injuries. Casey went to Geyser’s home to try and speak with Geyser and Weier, only to learn that the girls had had a sleepover the night before and that Weier and Geyser were not at home. Casey had the police spread out looking for the two girls, unaware if they were injured or kidnapped.

A bit before 3pm, Geyser and Weier were found sitting on the side of the I-94 freeway. The police brought the girls in and interviewed them in separate rooms, trying to get the story out of them. Knowing that Leutner was in surgery trying to survive the assault didn’t seem to faze Geyser; the detectives seeming to think that everything was started over a boy.

“I might as well just say it. We were trying to kill her,” Geyser said. She explained that they attempted the murder to appease “whoever Anissa was talking about. She made it seem necessary… This is going to get me arrested, isn’t it?”

Morgan Geyser

Detectives were troubled as they listened to the girls’ explanations: Weier believed she had seen Slender Man while riding the bus, and told Geyser what she had seen. The two believing Slender Man was going to target them, and their families, decided to act first; thinking to kill someone and prove to Slender Man that they were worthy of living in Slender Man’s mansion inside Nicolet National Park. However, the detectives were shocked to find out that it wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision, and that the girls had been planning on how to kill Leutner for 6 months.

Geyser and Weier had come up with three plans on how to kill Leutner; some more elaborate than others, with all taking place during the sleepover they’d planned at Geyser’s home. Their first concept was that while Leutner was sleeping, the girls would duct tape Leutner’s mouth, and stab her in the neck; however this plan was thrown out as the girls were too tired to stay awake.

Their second plan was to head to a park nearby and kill Leutner in the bathroom as there was a drain for the blood. So the girls told Geyser’s mom that they were going out to the park and all three went into the bathroom. Weier knew it would be easiest to kill someone if they were unconscious or asleep, so she rammed Leutner’s head against the concrete. Unfortunately, Leutner remained conscious so Weier and Geyser abandoned their second plan.

So instead, Weier decides to go into the woods and go ‘bird-watching’, but then changed it to ‘hide-and-seek’.

“She was going to hide one place [and] I was going to hide another. And then Morgan and I were going to be, like, lionesses chasing down a zebra. I was going to tackle here and then Morgan was going to do the stabbing.”

Anissa weier, regarding the ‘hide-and-seek’ game in the woods.

Weier and Geyser both attacked and stabbed Leutner 19 times, eventually getting up, and leaving her to die.

The Trial


Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier were both charged as adults for attempted first-degree intentional homicide and were sent to West Bend Juvenile Facility.

Both girls originally planned to plea ‘not guilty’ due to “mental disease or defect”; Geyser being diagnosed with early onset schizophrenia.

However, Weier instead took a last-minute plea bargain of pleading guilty for attempted second-degree intentional homicide. In 2017, the jury decided that she would be sentenced to 25 years in a state institution.

Geyser also had a deal, if she pleads guilty to attempted first-degree intentional homicide, she’d be sentenced for 40 years and the prosecutors would not challenge her insanity defense.



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